Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.
- Bertolt Brecht.

Published articles

For now, here are a few articles I've written that I've been able to find online. Unfortunately, many were lost, or the lead photos went missing, in the early days of online publishing.

I've been published in the LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Unfold (not online - will post this), No Ripcord, Points of Action, and the defunct Ego Magazine.

Neutral Milk Hotel (No Ripcord) - A feature on my favorite band, who released a phenomenal album, then disappeared forever.

Hell on Wheels - A feature on how having my car stolen was the highlight of my summer.

Stop to Eat the Daisies - An interview with E of the band eels, one of my favorite artists.

The Outsiders: Dilettante Press - Interview with a new, independent art press that published the first book / catalog for the American Visionary Art Museum.

Choir Masters: Kitka - Interview with an amazing choir from San Francisco who does Eastern European-style folk songs, a la Bulgarian State Women's Choir.

Kalle Lasn - Interview with anti-consumerism advocate and Ad Busters founder.

When Worlds Collide: Artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha - Art exhibition review.

Gathering Light: Photographer Richard Ross Photography exhibit review.

God Bless the Xerox Machine - Review of a book of punk rock flyers.

When the Cat Stays - Pet care while you're on vacation. Probably shouldn't bother posting this, but if cats are involved, it's going up.

Web Radio - Article for the now-defunct Ego Magazine in what was likely 2000 or so. Entertaining in its datedness.

eTyrants - Article about the commercialization of the web and domain names, also for Ego Magazine.

Animal Magnetism - Careers with animals. You recall what I said about cats.

Small Is Beautiful - Interesting look back at small business landscape of 1998 L.A. First piece I wrote for LA Weekly.

College articles

These are usually called "baby photos." I’ve had a ball finding old articles I wrote as a journalist, then Music and Art Editor, at UCLA’s Daily Bruin. It’s consistently a top paper in the country, and was a beloved 40 hour / week stint for me. Ironically, they have much more than the professional papers still do. Go figure. These are likely only of interest to me, my mother, and possibly haters who want ammunition for ridicule. Here you go, kids!

Tribute to Allen Ginsberg - A eulogy of sorts upon his death.
Social Currents Drowned Disco - Commentary.
Best Albums of 1996 - Lists from all of my writers. Interesting look back. Not sure what I was thinking with The Cardigans, but ah well.
Interview with Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin - This was my first interview ever, and I couldn't believe how easy it was to talk to a stranger for the first time (I've always been quiet and was extremely shy and afraid of people growing up). My first introduction to talking to artists who shared my sensibilities.
Interview with electronic psychedelic band Loop Guru
Success Doesn’t Mean Selling Out
Interview with Fred Goodman - A look at rock's aging rebellion with journalist, author, and editor of Rolling Stone and Billboard.
Valentine’s Day Music - A holiday I still have yet to celebrate or care about. I was forced to write this piece, which explains why "I Will Survive" is my top pick.
Lawsuit-happy Moshpit Jerks
KROQ - I didn't want to leave L.A. for college, because I wouldn't be able to listen to them.
Overproduced Bands

Needlessly Long CD Reviews of Favorite Artists – because I could, dammit

Simpsons CD Review (love Alf Clausen!)
Whiplash by James (CD review)
Danny Elfman soundtrack review

A Few Art Reviews

Auguste Rodin Exhibit Review
Peanuts art exhibit review - Snoopy was my first crush.
Pageant of the Masters show review - A family tradition since my folks were kids.
Armand Hammer’s ‘Critiques of Pure Abstraction’ exhibition review
Harry Blitzstein (artist) - Nifty outsider artist.

A Few Show Reviews

Komeda - One of my favorite bands of the 1990s.
Bad Religion
Gipsy Kings
Tori Amos - Are there any redheads (fake or no) that aren't awesome?
The Cranes

It's easy to find a ton more stuff.

All materials copyright 2019 by Kristin Fiore.