fiore jewelry designs

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About the Artist

I've been making jewelry since about 2005 and have gotten so many "you should sell that stuff!" comments from strangers that I've decided to take them up on it.

I'm from California and moved to the Seattle area in 2004. When I'm not bending metal and forcing friends to meander around bead stores, I'm a writer and training developer. I also like loom knitting and crocheting (the extent of my domesticity), environmental studies, art history, Eastern European culture and music. I'd like to return there soon, so if you'd like me to leave the country, buy my stuff so I can get the plane ticket! I have a personal website at If you're wondering, Fiore is pronounced fee-OR-ee and means flower in Italian.

This year I'm hoping to learn wire working and soldering, which will help me make more complicated pieces, so check back later to see all of the staggeringly brilliant things I'm creating whilst burning myself by accident. Good times!

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