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This is the catch-all page for things such as dance house calendars, downloadable music sites and other specific type sites. Some do have general information, but it is less comprehensive. This page is also biased toward Hungary. Also check the Local Resources section for links of varied subjects.

Balkan, Greek and West Asian mp3s
This site has several mp3s for legal download. The sound quality is often 64 kbps, but they still sound pretty good and the selection of songs is great. Countries include Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Albania (among several others).

Ethnic Dance House Lover's Association (in Budapest)
"The Ethnic Dance House Lover's Association was established in the Dance House of the Falkafolk Ensemble . The members of the group as well as the dancers would like to make use of their knowledge acquired during the last years and would like to propagate the folk traditions, music and dances of the Hungarian nationalities and the Balkan nations. The Association undertakes the organizing of Greek, Bulgarian or Southern Slav Dance Houses, which includes all the above. The Association is ready to organize and arrange folk festivals."

Fono Records' schedule of dance houses and performances
Fono is the heart of the Hungarian folk music scene, though they carry other artists and host other events as well. Their site is up to date, though the táncház season begins in late September, so summer visitors will not find much going on.

Macedonia Direct
This site sells folk music (with sound samples online), instruments, books, wood carvings and costumes. There is also a bit of information on Macdonian folk dances.

Macedonian sound samples
This is entirely in Macedonian, but it only requires clicking on links to songs (.mid and .ra files).

Croatian Klapa videos from Metacafe
Male vocal harmony singing in Croatian style.

Latvian Music
This site includes classical and other types of music -- links to publishers, artists, recordings etc.



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