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Language Tutorials

Note that the Cyrillic alphabet differs slightly among the countries that use it: Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia (and Russia). The Wikipedia sites are great.


Slavic Languages

Slavic and East European Language Resource Center

General Slavic language info from Wikipedia

Serbian (Cyrillic) alphabet Wikipedia and another link

Serbo-Croatian grammar

Serbian vs. Bosnian vs. Croatian from Wikipedia

English-Czech, Czech-English Dictionary and another at

Czech language primer (great)

Bulgarian alphabet and orthography

English-Bulgarian Dictionary (Cyrillic alphabet)

Macedonian alphabet (Cyrillic) and a few phrases



English-Hungarian dictionary

Hungarian pronunciation guide (good luck!)

Magyarora - Hungarian for teachers and learners

Kaleidovox - Hungarian teaching tools (other languages too)



Romanian alphabet

Simple Romanian phrases with pronunciation

Romanian Lessons (in depth)

Romanian language history and guide from Wikipedia


Romani (Gypsy language)

Romani language (gypsy) - a strange collection of phrases



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