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Labels and Catalogs

CD Roots
"The CDs you will find here are often personal favorites, unusual music that often defies a simple naming of genre. Some is very traditional, from places you hear little about, and ought to hear more. Some is extremely avant garde, making its own rules as it goes. My favorites combine deep traditional roots with wild and innovative energy. What they all share is a human touch, a personality that goes beyond the mere making of music and into the very heart of art."

As the title suggests, this catalog offers Yugoslavian music of all types.

B92 Belgrade Radio
The music section of this station has amazing releases, including compilations put together by music director Bojan Djordjevic: Srbija: Sounds Global releases (three of them as of summer 2004), Belgrade Coffee Shop (3 volumes as well), and Rromano Suno (Roma Dreams). The main station page is here.

Asphalt Tango
A Balkan label with many top artists from Romania (Fanfare Ciocarlia), Macedonia (Kocani Orkestar, Esma Redzepova), Hungary (Besh o Drom, Romani Drom), Bulgaria (Joni Ilyev) and Serbia (Earth Wheel Sky Band). Note the production studio link is the top image, and the record label is the bottom. Also note that these links often close your browser, so surfers beware.

As much a dance house, restaurant / bar, performance space and production studio as a label / catalog, Fono is the heart of the Hungarian folk music scene -- though they have many Roma and foreign artists, and many artists in Budapest who record in other styles. Their elaborate website lists their concert and event schedule. Their more popular artists include Amaro Suno, Kalman Balogh, Lajko Felix, Kerekes and Romanyi Rota. They also have released several compilations, particularly on Transylvanian music and songs from Gyimes.

Kuker Music
"Kuker Music is a Bulgarian label whose main goal is to produce and distribute music projects from Eastern Europe. We work with artists who make music in the field of jazz, folklore and New Music. Our activity is divided in 3 parts: Koreni [folk music], Creative and Across."

This is a Romanian music label. There is an interview in English with label head Speranta Radulescu from Passion Music. They were the first to record the now famous ensemble Taraf De Haidouks, and recordings feature members of this band. Passion discs also sells several of their albums.

This label also focuses on Latin, Jewish, African and the Orient, but they do have a marvelous Balkans section as well, including Boban Markovic, Boris Kovic and Fanfare Ciocarlia. They are the parent label of Asphalt Tango.

Network has music from around the world, but also releases beautiful double-disc sets with images and essays, such as Golden Brass Summit -- Fanfares en Délire, Russian Gypsy Soul, Road of the Gypsies -- L'épopée Tzigane, Gypsy Queens -- Flammes du Coeur and Balkan Blues -- Souffles de l'âme. All are linked from their Anthologies page.

Deep Down Productions (the Balkans, Georgia, much more)
This quality world music CD store was founded in 1997 by Mike Whitla. In addition to CDs from several countries (several from Bulgaria and North America), it includes a Bulgarian bibliography, background information on the Ukraine and other informative articles.

Music of the World
"Music of the World is a record label specializing in traditional and contemporary world music. Since its founding in the early 80s, the label produced over 85 titles on CD, many of which are featured on this website. This site contains descriptions of many of our recordings and interesting articles on musicians from all over the world."

Balkan Media (CD catalog)
This site is a massive clearing house of all sorts of music from the Balkans (a lot of pop as well). There is a Traditional Music heading on the bottom right of the genre listings.

Passion Music
"We stock a whole range of some of the best Eastern European folk music and Latin Salsa music CDs anywhere, all of it being dispatched from from our premises in the UK. Our stock is the best we can find in Hungarian, Bulgarian, Balkan, Gypsy, Latin Jazz and Salsa music."


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Non-Eastern European Resources

Yazoo Records
"Yazoo's mission has been, and will continue to be, to make available as many classic performances of early rural American and ethnic music as we can and at the highest standards we possibly can. The goal is to broadly disseminate these wonderful performances, the likes of which will not be seen again, and to insure their preservation in excellent sound quality via these CDs, as in many cases only one to five copies of the original 78 rpm recordings have survived." A remarkable label and producer of the six-volume set (plus other area-focused discs), The Secret Museum of Mankind, and Song of the Crooked Dance, a compilation of early Bulgarian recordings.

Buda Musique du Monde
"The Buda Musique catalog offers more than 400 references and an average of 20 new releases per year. In less than a decade, Buda Musique has set up one of the most important collections dedicated to the music of the world both traditional and urban."

ARC World Music Catalog (fabulous)
" Here you will find over 300 albums listed of music from all over the globe. Music of the Australian Didgeridoo through to the Celtic Harp to American Indian Dances to North African Percussion and on and on... " ARC has high-quality, authentic field recordings, as well as more commercially-oriented, though still top notch, releases. You may search by category (mostly by country) or artist. Here's the Eastern European section.

Crammed (World section)
Crammed has been releasing modern (hip hop, electronic) and traditional foreign acts for more than 20 years. Crammedworld is one of their many sub-labels. "a new sub-label specialized in all possible and impossible 'world musics': hardcore ethnomusicological field recordings, music by people who listen a lot to hardcore ethnomusicological field recordings, state-of-the-art ruthless ethno-disco ripoff, Third World urban hooligan combos... easy listening music for exotic restaurants, etc..." Taraf de Haidouks and Kocani Orkestar have albums here.

Smithsonian Folkways
"Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution, the national museum of the United States. We are dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound." Massive catalog (300+) of essential authentic music from around the world, and also Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music (external link).

A large folk- and field-recording oriented label that also carries more modern folk and pop. Notable sub-collections include The Alan Lomax Collection (several series such as Deep River of Song, Southen Journey, Caribbean Voyage, etc), Anthology of World Music Series and The Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture.

German, composer-oriented label that also carries music from around the world.

Traditional Crossroads (CD catalog)
A middle-eastern focused label that also has some Eastern European and world music as well. "Traditional Crossroads is a ground-breaking Audiophile World Music Label dedicated to releasing music of various cultures utilizing state-of the-art recording technology and high-quality packaging. Traditional Crossroads provides the most sophisticated record engineering and thorough liner notes for every release, from the latest recordings of Cuban jazz to reissues of turn-of-the-century middle-eastern legends. Founded in 1993 by Harold Hagopian, a classical record producer for RCA with a passion for middle-eastern music, Traditional Crossroads has built a record catalog of the best middle-eastern musicians, known or discovered."

Le Chant du Monde
This label has music from around the world, as the name suggests, but particularly a lot of Western European and a Gypsy Jazz section.

A catalog with music from around the world.

While fosucing on the middle east, this catalog also has recordings from China, South America, India and places in between.

Real World (visit the WOMAD Catalog)
This label, run by Peter Gabriel, has several genres, including live recordings and artists from around the globe. World of Music and Dance (WOMAD) is a festival held at different international locales featuring world talents.

World Music Institute
A label and organization that supports cultural exchange between nations and ethnic groups and sells several world music collections.

World Music Store
" is the web site of Multicultural Media, a company dedicated to providing the best and widest selection possible of traditional and contemporary world music and dance compact discs, videos, and DVDs. The site is designed to meet the needs of music educators and researchers around the world, librarians, music and dance faculty, media centers, as well as world music and dance fans. The site is organized into geographical regions and countries, provides a powerful and easy-to-use search engine, and gives detailed descriptions of the titles. Shoppers can buy titles using credit cards, or by issuing purchase orders from bona fide institutions."



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