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The sites here are either organizations or pages that provide general information about a country or countries. This section is too small and currently biased toward Hungary, so similar additions regarding other countries would be particularly welcome. Some descriptions are taken directly from the sites, as they say it best. Note that a few general resources in the United States may also be found in the Local Resources section.

Groups -- ways to meet enthusiasts:
Yahoo Groups: Northwest Balkan Events
Yahoo Groups: Balkan Brass
Gypsy Music on
Balkan Byways on
Bulgarian Folk Music on

Eastern European Folklife Center
"The East European Folklife Center (EEFC) is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to educate the general public about the the folk music, folk dance, and folklore in the Balkans through promoting and sponsoring activities which honor and celebrate the richness of these cultures; and to foster understanding and respect of all peoples through shared experiences of Balkan cultures."

European Folklore Institute (in Budapest)
"The European Folklore Institute (EFI) is a regional centre for the safeguarding, revitalization and diffusion of traditonal culture and folklore in Europe. The Institute focuses on the core areas of identification, documentation, conservation, preservation, dissemination and protection of European traditional, ethnic, and minority cultures (including the fields of research, education, creative art and revitalization). The Institute aims to enhance international coordination, cooperation and exchange of knowledge in the above core areas." There is also extensive information on Hungarian events, conferences, exhibitions and festivals.

Hungarian Institute for Culture
The Institute promotes community culture and education under the guidance of the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage. They have a library, manuscripts archive and a research department, and work to fund and organize fine and industrial arts, and to preserve the traditions of local ethnicities and overseas Hungarians.

Hungarian Dance House Guild
A small link near the top links to the English version of this framed site. This is the definitive resource, along with Fono Records, for the dance house scene and dance camps in Budapest and beyond. There is also much information on the Living Village Music CD series, books, and local and international folk bands. Much more specific dance house information is located on the Miscellaneous page.

"Connecting Romani and Romani friends throughout the world." A site for those who wish to learn about, discuss, participate in and support Roma (gypsy) culture.

"Tamizdat is a nonprofit organization that is committed to fostering the free exchange of information and ideas between artists, audiences, and industry. Tamizdat works to build international communities by bridging the cultural and economic gaps that separate American and Western Europe from Central and Eastern Europe. To do this, Tamizdat has created an interlocking program of projects aimed at providing the foundations and the framework for cultural cross-pollination between artists, music industry personnel, and most importantly, between audiences everywhere." [The title is taken from the term samizdat, self-published and distributed government-banned literary works in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.]

Traditional Culture (and other sites) in Latvia
The Ministry of Culture's site on folklore, music and traditional culture in Latvia (several pages, though most are now only in Latvian).

Latvian Ethnomusicology
Self-proclaimed the only organized research / education institution or resource for Latvian folk music culture. The site is mostly a list of links, many yet to materialize.


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Non-Eastern European Resources

Turkish Ministry of Culture - Traditional Music
Learn about Ottoman, Janissary, and religious music, as well as traditional instruments.

Folk Music Instruments Glossary
This extensive dictionary of musical instruments includes many links to sites on those instruments. Many have audio and video accompaniments. Most are from the home site, Hobgoblin Music, which sells them.

Stearns Musical Instrument Collection from the U. of Michigan
Excellent collaborative resource for descriptions, selected references, images, cross-referenced links, even multi-media for instruments around the world.

World Music Portal
As its title suggests, this site is a clearing house of information -- CD and book reviews, mailing lists, tours, editorials, etc.

Spin the Globe
From the KAOS 89.3FM station in Olympia, Washington, this online world music magazine of sorts has CD reviews, an events calendar, a live internet feed, news and links.

Roots World Magazine
One of the best, most respected magazines on the internet, Roots World has a ton of reviews by locale, adn type, as well as new releases. There are also interviews and other articles on particular artists and pieces and information dedicated to accordions and bagpipes.

Harry Smith Archives
Smith's multi-volume Anthology of American Folk Music, released by Smithsonian Folkways in 1952, and his contributions to the field of musicology, as well as film, art and bohemian lore. This is his official page, with a biography, artwork, store, news and a store.

Alan Lomax Collection
The official website for the most influential and prolific American ethnomusicologist and developer of the Archive of Folksong at the Library of Congress (with father John Lomax). Massive and informative.

Amazon's Ethnomusicology or International sections
They are huge, unordered lists, but they have hundreds of relevant books and enthusiasts' Listmania lists that describe their favorite items.


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