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Find academic resources on ethnomusicology (graduate programs, bibliographies, links, books, introductions to the discipline) at the following sites...

Society for Ethnomusicology
The Society promotes research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. Members' interests range from Japanese shakuhachi performance practice to popular musics in New York; from the conservation and display of Native American musical instruments to teaching world music in public schools. Members of the Society from Ethnomusicology are scholars, students, performers, publishers, museum specialists, and librarians from numerous disciplines. They have a section on ethnomusicology school programs.

University of Indiana Ethnomusicology Institute
U of I has the largest ethnomusicology archive in the United States, as well as a great graduate program under the umbrella of the Folklore department. They also have a Russian and East European Institute. Their music library also has a large digital component -- part is a digitized musical score repository (other colleges have this same software too), and part is Variations2, a fabulous program that allows students and faculty to manipulate, hear, see and get infomration on library sound materials. That is still only for students, however. Finally, U of I hosts the Society of Ethnomusicology.

UCLA Dept of Ethnomusicology
UCLA has the third largest ethnomusicology archive in the United States, and a respected, large graduate program. They have a Balkan focus that is not found elsewhere. The head of the department, Timothy Rice, specializes in Bulgarian music and is also the head of the Society for Ethnomusicology.

University of Washington's Ethnomusicology links
U of W has the second largest ethnomusicology archive in the United States, a small ethnomusicology program and a view of the Space Needle.

UCSB's Ethnomusicology Bibliographic Guide
This includes bibliographies, dissertations, discographies, periodical indexes, directories and the like.

Inside World Music's links and on-site introduction
Several annotated links to ethnomusicology sites sources, many academic and professional in nature.

List of about 40 resources (grant sources, catalogs etc) from Wesleyan student

World Music Central's list of Ethnomusicology Resources



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