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Training Samples

View several courses created with Storyline and Captivate, plus a few instructor-led courses.


All articles are linked directly to their online versions on the papers' web sites, except for a few that got lost in the insanity of Weekly redesigns.

Hell On Wheels
How having my car stolen was the highlight of my spring.

Dilettante Press
Great local publishers whose books archive the work of neglected visionaries, whether they be artists or scientists.

Interview with E of the eels.

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Art review of Korean-American artist.

Richard Ross
Art review of photographer.

Interview with this San-Francisco based, Eastern European-style choir.

God Bless the Xerox Machine
Book Review. Collection of punk rock flyers from the late '70s and early '80s.

Small Is Beautiful
A look at the small business climate in L.A. It was part of an issue not uploaded to the LA Weekly website, so I have the text up.

Animal Magnetism
Careers for animal lovers. It was part of an issue not uploaded to the LA Weekly website, so I have the text up.


Academic Writing

An Evaluation of Online Museum Databases - Masters of Library Science thesis, July 2004. Abstract excerpt: This paper examines the level of consistency, content and contextual information of six individual and two collaborative museum databases. A uniform set of elements within several categories was chosen, such as subject cross-referencing and syntax regularity, though some tests were modified to accommodate each museum’s differing features.

Communist Ideology's Impact on Eastern European Folk Music - Final paper for my Advanced Humanities Research class, which required a synthesis of two completely disparate subjects. One of the weirder examples of synthetic thinking -- which is, however, a vital professional skill.

Essays from Years Past

Beauty's Where You Find It: Defining Art
An Open Letter to Advertisers
Christmas Consumerism
Fight Club: The Search for an Authentic Life
The Flaming Lips: An Ode to the Puppet King
Jumping the Picket Fence
Sing Your Life
Quantum and Mangum: Science, God, and a Flying Victrola
Women's Magazines
Car Commercials