"Ou le songe devient la realite."

Where the dream becomes reality.

- Ferdinand Cheval


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These sites pertain to visionary art -- organizations, magazines, companies, web sites.


  1. American Visionary Art Museum
    The only museum completely dedicated to visionary art, AVAM has shown the work of the most prominent (non)artists. It's located in Baltimore, MD.
  2. abcd-artbrut
    This is a fabulously designed site with a detailed introduction, chronology, bibliography and exploration of several themes within or relating to art brut (another term for outsider or self-taught art). This site provides a clear, concise yet solid survey of the ideas, origins and key players (both artists and art historians).
  3. Raw Vision Magazine
    This is the only magazine that specializes in folk and visionary art from around the world. It is excellent and has a nice web site as well. The Spring 2002 issue (#38) has Palais Ideal on the cover.
  4. Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
    Intuit is a nonprofit organization that celebrates the work of artists unaffiliated with the mainstream art world  - artists who instead seem motivated by their unique personal visions.
  5. Interesting Ideas Outsider Art Links
    If you can get through this giant list, maintained since 1994, you spend far too much time on the web.
  6. John Michael Kohler Art Center
    Yes, the faucet folks are actually also art preservationists. This non-profit aims to foster education and dialog among artists and their admirers. Their Arts Center is a house of exhibitions, critical writings and local gatherings.
  7. Dubuffet Foundation
    Jean Dubuffet first studied Art Brut and coined the term. The site has information on his life and work, as well as the Dubuffet Foundation that houses more than 1,000 of his works.
  8. Outsider Art on Wikipedia
    If you can't figure out the difference between folk, outsider, visionary, naive, marginal and lowbrow art, Wikipedia can help.
  9. Interview with S.P.A.C.E.S. head Seymour Rosen
    L.A. denizen Rosen began this organization to preserve art environments (Saving and Preserving Arts and Cultural Environments) more than 25 years ago.






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