"Ou le songe devient la realite."

Where the dream becomes reality.

- Ferdinand Cheval


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This is the upper level of the castle, reached by several stairways that wind up from the outer corners and inner walls of the castle's bottom level.


This is of art, of dreams, and of energy.
The ecstasy of a beautiful dream and the prize of effort.
In reality, you crave magic
And you show how one alone can be strong
The ages will come to this temple of life
And your grand gesture will outlive death.


The terrace looking north.


The terrace looking south (with Mom).


Detail of the texture of the terrace wall. Every inch of the palace is this detailed, whether in swirls (which are also common in the tunnel where most of the inscriptions are) or in miniature building replicas or intricate stone patterns.


Up toward Barbary tower on the south side (with me). My theory is that a giant 16-toed chicken was planted head first right behind me.


The tower on the south end.






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