"Ou le songe devient la realite."

Where the dream becomes reality.

- Ferdinand Cheval


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The east facade is the most popular and my favorite, with the three giants on the left, the temples of all religions in the center, and the monument on the right.


Braving the heat, the cold
And even the ravages of time
I sometimes overcame nature
And triumphed over the elements
Thus I proved that whatever your age,
Whatever you wish to achieve
If you are courageous, persistent and hard working
You are sure to succeed.


The entire facade.


The left side of the east facade. You can see the three giants at the far end.


A detail of the northeast corner.


The three giants done in Egyptian style (according to Cheval), with two mummies underneath them. The three giants support the Barbary tower, which you can see poking out above them (with what appear to be palm trees sprouting).


Talon-like spires atop the left end of the east side.


The right side of the east facade, with buildings and characters on the left and the Egyptian Monument on the right. Details of both below.


The Egyptian monument on the right side of the east facade.


Detail of the monument. The two ingravings at the top of the columns say Hauterives and Drome, the city and area where the palace is located.


The procession of Pilgrims along the east wall.


Detail of the wall of the east facade.







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