"Ou le songe devient la realite."

Where the dream becomes reality.

- Ferdinand Cheval


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If you are short on time, interest or bandwidth, here's a collection of the best shots on the site. Most are from the east side of the palace.


Everything you can see, passer-by,
Is the work of one peasant
Who, out of a dream, created
The queen of the world.


The entire site.


The east facade, with the three giants on the left and the Egyptian monument on the right.


The three giants of the east facade.


Talon-like spires that top the left end of the east side.


The Egyptian monument.


The northeast corner with one of many staircases.


The tower on the terrace, which is a second floor.


The miniature buildings on the west facade, including a Hindu Temple (center, marked "Temple Hindou"), Swiss Chalet, Maison Carree in Algiers and a medieval chateau. (not all shown). Several sculptures in the palace are dedicated to the world's great religions.


The Arabian mosque on the west side. The sign over the door says, "Entrance to an imaginary palace."


The wheelbarrow Cheval used to gather 100,000s of stones. Translation: my partner in pain.


The guardians overlooking the first floor tunnel that runs through the palace and is filled with poems, inscriptions, sculptures and wall reliefs.




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